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12 Hour Chef Training    Monday March 16th 2009

This is an intensive 12 hour day chef training with Grezzo’s executive chef Leah Dubois. This class will take place at Grezzo Restaurant in Boston, MA.

Join Alissa Cohen and Leah Dubois for this one of a kind experience. You will be learning recipes and techniques that are unique to Grezzo restaurant. You will learn the intricate details of how to prepare this type of eclectic food that is cutting edge in the raw food world.

This is not your typical raw food class with standard recipes such as pizza, wraps and pies. You will instead be learning advanced culinary techniques that have been adapted for raw food preparation and that are unique to Grezzo. You will learn how to make boursin style cheeses, pickled vegetables, how to baste, macerate and present dishes. You will learn how to create unique tastes and textures uncommon in raw foods such as aerating, setting and releasing and candying.

Not only will you be learning some of the unique recipes that we prepare here at Grezzo, but more importantly, you will be learning the distinctive techniques that will allow you to create your own gourmet recipes.

Garnishing and finishing plates will also be covered as well as tips on recipe building, ingredient substitutions, finding unique products, adapting meals to different situations, etc…

There will be ample time for all questions and this particular class is kept small for individualized attention.

Lunch and dinner at Grezzo is included.

This is an extremely unique opportunity to study with Leah for a full 12 hour day.

Alissa and Leah’s new book, which is the ultimate A-Z guide for raw food, will include over 300 recipes from Grezzo. Their book will be out by the end of 2009. Be the first to experience this unique cutting edge cuisine up close and personal in the heart of Boston’s little Italy in the North End.

A truly one of kind experience!

(Please see below for testimonials)

$1295.00  ($1195.00 if you register before March 2nd) 9am to 9pmMonday March 16th 2009

This class is held at Grezzo Restaurant in Boston, MA.

Classes are registered through Please call the office between 10am and 4pm EST for more information or to register at 978.985.7217.


Alissa’s Classes fill VERY quickly (usually a month or more in advance) and there is limited space in this class.


Testimonials from the 12 Hour Chef Training

Hi Alissa,

I want to thank you and the Grezzo crew for a MOST WONDERFUL experience at the 12 hour chef training. I learned so much and was challenged and inspired. I have already started putting some of the things I learned into practice and look forward to continue doing so.

Did you like the chef training class?

I loved the training class. It was an EXTRAORDINARY experience. The staff shared a wealth of culinary knowledge and expertise, and they were all friendly, engaging, and helpful.

What did you like most about it?

First and foremost, the culinary approach to preparing raw foods. I was challenged to think of more than just the raw food (as amazing as raw food can be), but to use the best ingredients along with skill, technique, and finesse, among other. The concept that “we don’t ever add water to recipes because water has no flavor” but instead we make “stocks” or flavored waters (vanilla bean) to add additional flavor. Also, the whole idea of using everything; perhaps those extra veggie bits end up in a stock. The variety of random tips like using the dehydrator to ripen fruit by placing it on the top is a real helper for me.

Since coming home and putting this to the test, I discovered that I can “ripen” green bananas in less than 8 hours, and so I will never again be limited when the only offering the grocery store has is badly beat up bananas as is often the case now. (Bananas are my husband’s #1 fruit choice, as well as a favorite of my 2 fresh food eating Doberman’s, so we go through at least four bananas a day.)

The recipes we did were great, especially the cheese (YUMMO!!!), the ice cream (why would you need dairy? If you could make ice cream like Grezzo’s?), the candied nuts (I can’t wait to use those on my Summer Strawberry Salad instead of my traditionally prepared, albeit unhealthy, candied nuts), and perhaps most especially the amazing “fresh food” like the lobster fettuccine or sliders which come to mind. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that DEHYDRATION is almost a side note in your food prep instead of the main emphasis as in so many of the 40+ raw food recipe collections and uncookbooks I have, as well as the various raw restaurants I have been to. I’m excited about experimenting more with this, especially for food preparation during the hot and humid East Coast summers.

What would you say to someone who is thinking of taking this class?

Do it without delay. It is an amazing experience and you will learn so much in the way of preparation and technique that you will be able to take your raw food prep to a new level.

Thank you again for everything. I would do it again in a heartbeat!


Charlene, Virginia

Hi Alissa,

The class was absolutely amazing!!! It was so nice meeting you, experiencing Grezzo’s cuisine, and discovering Boston. Thank you so much. Below is the Survey:

Did you like the chef training class?

I absolutely loved the chef training class, it exceeded my expectations. The chef training class really gave insight into the day and the life of a head chef, how to prep foods for the day, staying ahead with orders to ensure an efficient flow in the business, teamwork, and how to prepare and present delicious gourmet meals.

What did you like most about it?

I mostly enjoyed the recipe preparation; how to present the food before serving, and watching the creativity of Leah!

What would you say to someone who is thinking of taking this class?

I would highly recommend it for someone who really wants to become a chef.

Again, thank you so much for everything.

Kellie, Michigan

Thanks for a great day.

Here is my evaluation of the program.

Did you like the chef training class?

I enjoyed it tremendously. It was welcoming, very informative, insightful and friendly.

What did you like most about it?

In terms of the preparing- I was most interested in the nut cheeses and the more savory items. In terms of tasting the deserts were also a highlight. All of the tasting was a highlight. I also felt the friendly, nurturing manner was great.

What would you say to someone who is thinking of taking this class?

I would say it was a great day. I took a lot away from it.

I would also say (and I do say) that dining at Grezzo is wonderful. Not only is the food extraordinary, delicious and extremely artful, the staff is also very welcoming and knowledgeable.

Thanks for everything.

Liz, Boston, MA